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Thursday, 18 October 2012 08:30

Our Founder and MD

Mr Rajesh Joshi: Founder & Managing Director, Auriga Logic Private Limited.
Result oriented professional with 14 years experience in Building companies, Leading Teams, Sales & Marketing,
International Business, Web Solutions & Growing Business in Indian sub continent.

As an Entrepreneur: Founded 3 companies & Exited these companies with valuations of 100 times earnings.
Presently taking a break from entrepreneurship & assisting other entrepreneurs & businesses.

As an Evangelist: Ventured into sunrise industries, Marketed in new geographies and Developed new products & services.
Presently working with some of the brightest minds, firms and international companies on innovative concepts and building products, services for the Indian market.

As an Incubator: Incubated 2 early stage companies before they received FUNDING/PROJECTS or became part of larger companies via merger/acquisition. Provided services, seed capital to start-ups & new entrepreneurs till the time they received their growth capital.
Presently working with these portfolio companies in the capacity of Board of Director, Advisor & Shareholder.

As a Top Executive: Worked as a CEO of a Public Limited Company to build their new businesses, add new revenue streams & new teams to improve their top & bottom line.

Presently working as Executive Consultants to the Indian companies in the sunrise industries & Assisting Senior leadership of Mid market International companies to formulate & execute their India strategy.


  • Business Strategy & Business Development
  • Indian Consumers focused businesses: Ecommerce, Education & Media.
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated marketing
  • Global Business Acumen
  • Market Identification
  • Revenue Generation & Profit Growth
  • Product & Services Development, Pricing & Positioning for International companies in India
  • Startups, Software Services, Venture Investing, Web Applications & Solutions
  • Strategy: Planning & Execution
  • Presentations & Negotiations

Rajesh Joshi LINKEDin

Friday, 07 September 2012 09:32

New Media Services


Social Networks & Groups are increasing every month. Blogs & Wikis are new ways to engage with your customers. Online marketplaces are used by businesses to do B2B interaction & transaction.

Auriga Logic New Media Services comprises of:

  • Creating Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks, Social Groups for your organisation, brand, products, services.
  • Monitoring your brand, company image within these social networks.
  • Representing your organisation in the online marketplaces and presenting you with the opportunities there.


Auriga Logic has the expert professional partner companies who can develop Rich Internet Applications & Projects using latest technologies like .NET, J2EE, Flex, Ruby on Rails. We have helped organisations develop internet applications, auction websites, market places, HR Portal, online software or taking existing applications web enabled. Our Development team comprises of programmers based in cost advantage location like with our project managers based in Europe & Middle East. This way client get good cost advantage and at the same time LOCAL project managers. We can take these assignments as turn key projects or even modular development.

We assist Organizations in applying technologies to optimize their business processes and to drive business growth and development for long-term success. Whether they need a technology strategy to match their business plan, or advice on today’s dynamic portal technology, Auriga Logic – ICT Advisory Division - , with solid ties up with ICT Partners, has years of hands-on experience helping successful organizations design and implement systems that are streamlined and innovative, as well as flexible and cost effective.

We assist Organization with designing and implementing IT solutions that add value to management strategies and organizational infrastructure. Together with our technology partners, we provide in-depth industry experience and professional expertise which are crucial to successful IT project implementation and we integrate our clients their technical infrastructure, application software, operational and business support systems, their supply chains and networks into a seamless business system to drive growth and returns. Auriga Logic, as international Management & Business Advisory, firm uses the best practices & best ICT professionals in the ICT industry from different geographic locations to provide the below exclusive & expert services in:

Monday, 06 August 2012 14:46

Business advisory

Auriga Logic's Business Advisory is the division that caters for all your business development and growth needs. In order for any advice to be useful: Being able to leverage the right skills, experience and insight is key. Further, establishing or strengthening a position in new markets is only achievable with a perfect harmonization of all the system’s components. This is why Auriga Logic goes beyond a pure advisory model, being capable to act on and implement our insights and development strategies into executive projects. Every company is unique when it comes to its history and development. Therefore, after an in-depth analysis working closely with the client, our Business Advisory division identifies which of the following offerings is the ideal starting point.

Monday, 06 August 2012 14:46

ICT advisory

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Advisory:


  • Rich Internet Applications & Projects Development
  • NETaphorsis: Getting more out of your web presence
  • New Media Services: Building relationships for you, your brand & your organizations using the New Social Media
  • Software Testing: Ensuring your software is delivering your needs.

Monday, 06 August 2012 14:46

Setting up indian operations


India has growing and fast developing market which is well supported by the growing population and youth. Hence India has growing customers, consumers and the market is now the worlds 3rd largest economy.  So this country has a big potential for capital investment & achieving decent return on investment in times to come by setting up your business here in India.
Specially the European and Western companies (mainly the mid size and growing companies) find it difficult to set shop in India and do their business. We at Auriga Logic, understand this and build long standing relationships with Global investors & foreign companies wanting to start business and activities here in India.

Email us on global (at) aurigalogic (dot) com to our GLOBAL PARTNER division in Europe for further information on how Auriga Logic can help you start and establish your identity and business in the growing Indian market and emerging economies in Asia & Indian sub continent


Monday, 06 August 2012 14:44

Financial advisory


The liberalization of the Indian economy and the multitude of reforms instituted have resulted in a “flux” in the industrial and services sector of India. Companies are increasingly resorting to acquisitions as a means to consolidate and grow rapidly. The emergence of a large number of professional venture capital firms, the increasing maturity of capital markets, in terms of the large number of institutional players and improved systems, has provided myriad opportunities in structuring innovative deals by raising debt or arranging equity financing for Corporates. The ongoing liberalization program of the Indian Government is also expected to gain momentum resulting in significant opportunities in the market for Dis-investments, induction of strategic partners, spin-offs, etc.

Our Corporate Financial Advisory services cover:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales, Divestitures and Demergers
  • Valuations
  • Structured Finance
  • Due Diligence (Transaction Evaluation)
  • Structuring Transactions
  • Assisting In negotiations and managing Transactions
  • Restructuring & re-organization
  • India Entry Services
  • Regulatory compliance Services
  • Corporate Governance Advisory Services



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