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Seed Funding
Auriga Logic provides and arranges funding for early stage businesses and start ups in India. Auriga Logic is committed to grow the entrepreneur ecosystem in India and is looking for entrepreneurs, individuals with bright ideas to incubate and grow them. We provide the initial funding that provides financial assistance to carry out activities to develop a proposed business plan.

We provide help to new companies and clients but most importantly share a start-ups passion to be the next big thing. We invest and co-promote seed-stage technology companies in India, who otherwise struggle to find mentors and funds and also connect the best of global innovations with the urgent market needs in India, through a process of localization, incubation and investment. We support such platforms as the act as avenues for greater influx of seed capital in India.

HNIs both with in India and the NRI are on the rise. These include professionals, as well as entrepreneurs who have ridden the wave of stock markets, real estate, and the building &/or exiting their business and are interested in investing in companies, either participating through funds or co-investing with them.

We take care of all your needs so that you have more time to focus on all the money that flows in.