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Investment Advisory
All companies/organisations need more than financial investment to grow and thrive. Our work involves working with investors to guide them where to invest and with the investee companies to get them funding and with pre funding activities.

To achieve their goals, we bring together investment and capacity building for both the investors and the investees so as to get a win-win situation for both parties involved.

We understand that greed makes the world go round…and by evaluating both sides we get the parties on a common ground. We are the connecting link as we make greed work for you resulting in greater growth.

Target Search and Opportunity Assessment

Our extensive research assets backed by our local market know how and insights give the investors a comprehensive view of the business in the target markets so as to minimize risks and build a sound growth plan. We provide assistance in sourcing investment and joint venture opportunities based on our client requirements. We offer preliminary validation of the opportunity in form of an Opportunity Evaluation Report that takes into consideration macro industry variables and investment rationale together with identified risk factors. We help you prioritize target verticals and customer segments to maximize your returns on investment in the shortest time.

Financial Modeling & Valuation
Our Financial Modeling & Valuation model is designed to equip our clients with skills to create a comprehensive financial model and valuation analysis incorporating past and projected financial statements, complex business situations and sensitivity analysis. Our valuation assistance includes estimating the valuation of the investee company using different methodologies and arriving at the indicative returns to various stakeholders of the company. We at Auriga Logic make the investor and investee come to a common ground of their business valuation.

Business and Financial Due Diligence
Our business and financial due diligence service offers an in-depth analysis of various qualitative and financial parameters highlight potential areas of concern and quantify its impact on the identified target company. Our clients are made well aware about the overall financial health of the business, its prospects, competitors and the market.

Capital Raising Assistance
For companies raising capital is the first step to navigating complex securities laws and subjecting their ideas to the scrutiny of investors. This is when sound advice can propel them quickly through unchartered territory. We at Auriga logic provide comprehensive end-to-end assistance to our clients seeking to raise capital. This includes short-listing of potential investors (private equity and strategic investors) from our network, showcasing the opportunity to them, assisting in negotiations and structuring the transactions.

Portfolio Performance Enhancement
We offer wider portfolio monitoring and performance improvement service to our investors. We take a look at your business closely and give you advice to make your plans better to bring about change for growth and better prospects of your business. Our primary objective is to drive improved cash flow and higher asset value in our clients’ portfolios while comprehensively managing all aspects of portfolio administration and servicing.

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