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Financial Advisory
Financial advisory Timely help of the right business financial advisor can help you reach your financial goals. We provide the broadest range of advisory services as our partners include professionals such as merchant bankers and investment bankers.

Our network comprises financial advisory professionals focused on providing high quality financial advice and execution, delivering integrated solutions to clients ranging from multinational corporate and sovereign wealth funds to private equity, owner-managed businesses, creditors, shareholders, and government institutions.

Our team offers deep industry knowledge and experience in delivering effective, market-leading advice to the clients. We do this by setting goals with the client, informing them about the right or wrong transactions, gathering relevant information on the client, analyzing the information, constructing a financial plan, implementing the strategies in the plan and monitoring implementation and reviewing the plan. We make your money work for you.

Our Corporate Financial Advisory services cover:
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales, Divestitures and Demergers
  • Valuations
  • Structured Finance
  • Due Diligence (Transaction Evaluation)
  • Structuring Transactions
  • Assisting In negotiations and managing Transactions
  • Restructuring & re-organization
  • India Entry Services
  • Regulatory compliance Services
  • Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    Please contact us on info (at) aurigalogic.com if you need any of the above services.