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Small & Medium Enteprises
Small & Medium Enterprises are the engine of economic growth which promotes equitable development, just as each and every part of the body is important with its own function. SME's are competitive while coping with rapid growth and serving clients including international customers who constantly demand lower prices, faster delivery and better quality. Since SME's play such a crucial role in the overall growth of an economy it is important to guide, nurture and help make them business conglomerates and provide them with necessary impetus and future road map.

We provide advice and resources that accelerate and sustain the growth of such companies. We through our Entrepreneurial Services provide the much required skill support to such entrepreneurs. We focus on process improvement, cost reduction, project risk assessment, valuation, funding support to enhance the competitiveness of units in SME's. We work with clients to provide help to formulate breakthrough strategies and provide guidance throughout. In addition to this we also formulate guidelines to enhance the competitiveness of these industries to ensure smooth, timely and appropriate flow of funds to prevent sickness in these industries.

Our services include:-
• Advice on identifying viable business opportunities.
• Preparing business plans focused on the strategy and implementation plans for exploring business opportunities.
• Developing long term vision and targets for existing businesses.
• Assessing an existing business’s state of health through diagnostic studies.
• Human resource planning and search.
• Finding suitable partners/investors.

We see change as creating a patchwork quilt of little things which come together to make each aspect of your business a bit better.
Change is constant – nuture it, build on it.