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Alternative Energy
Auriga Logic envisions a future where renewable energy can compete with traditional fossil fuels as an economically viable source of power. The increasing social awareness and global demand for clean energy is already increasing at a swift pace. India has a growing and fast developing market for renewable energy which is well supported by the growing population. Hence India has growing customers, consumers and the market is now the world’s 3rd largest economy.

• India has big potential for capital investment & achieving decent return on investment in times to come for businesses set up here. What is needed is collaboration for lowering operating costs, stimulating projects and advancements, and creating new jobs. We at Auriga Logic as Alternate Energy advisors are dedicated to providing experience and expertise to make your journey faster, more direct, and a rewarding success.

Services we provide to clients in the Alternative Energy sector:
• Business development planning
• Assistance with financial projections with modeling of tax credits
• Assistance with government contracting and reporting
• Management consulting and business advisory
• Providing information on upcoming energy and tax policy proposals.
• Infrastructure assessment.
We should strive to help save what we have because tomorrow it might not be there for future generations.

Below is a case study of our portfolio for client in the solar energy space.