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Our Partners & Associates
Auriga Logic is a International Management and Business Advisory firm that provides customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of business strategies. We believe that not ALL expertise can be housed within Auriga Logic. Hence we have partners across multidisciplinary areas and also associates with experience in certain verticals. This helps us in serving our clients better as we can provide all services under one roof and clients get ONE STOP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS for all of their business requirements.

Our Partners are individual professionals and firms with more than 10 years of business experience in the corporate world, specializing in Accounting practices & standards, All types of Taxation, Legal & also Government handling. Our associates have expertise in verticals such as Real Estate, Finance, Information Technology, Education, Banking, Clean tech industry.

Our partners can manage multidisciplinary projects, and advise clients on how to develop strategies to address business and organizational challenges. Our associates are corporate executives, accountants, engineers and legal experts. With this network which sits side by side to the management team and the staff of Auriga Logic, we have developed an innovative integrated advisory model with an international perspective. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in their growth plans and decision making processes.

Some of our partners & associates are based out of foreign shores and we have a symbiotic relationship with them wherein our expertise/ experience is used by them for servicing their client requirements too.

The blockbuster Indian film “Sholay” best describes the relationship between two friends, this is exactly the bond Auriga Logic shares with its partners, trustworthy and unbreakable.

Please do email us if you seek to join our Professional & Global network of associates & partners to cater to all your business solutions.