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Our Founder & MD
Mr Rajesh Joshi: Founder & Managing Director, Auriga Logic Private Limited.
Result oriented professional with 14 years experience in Building Companies, Leading Teams, Sales & Marketing, International Business, Web Solutions & Growing Business in Indian sub continent.

As a Top Gun Entrepreneur
Founded 3 companies and exited these companies with valuations of 100 times earnings.
Presently taking a break from entrepreneurship & assisting other entrepreneurs & businesses.

As a Top Gun Evangelist
Ventured into sunrise industries, Marketed in new geographies and Developed new products & services.
Presently working with some of the brightest minds, firms and international companies on innovative concepts and building products, services for the Indian market.

As a Top Gun Incubator
Incubated 2 early stage companies before they received Funding/Projects or became part of larger companies via merger/acquisition. Provided services, seed capital to start-ups & new entrepreneurs till the time they received their growth capital.
Presently working with these portfolio companies in the capacity of Board of Director, Advisor & Shareholder.

As a Top Gun Executive
Worked as a CEO of a Public Limited Company to build their new businesses, add new revenue streams & new teams to improve their top & bottom line.
Presently working as Executive Consultants to the Indian companies in the sunrise industries & Assisting Senior leadership of mid market International companies to formulate & execute their India strategy.

Rajesh’s Specialities
•Business Strategy & Business Development
•Indian Consumers focused businesses: Ecommerce, Education & Media.
•Customer Acquisition & Retention
•Integrated marketing
•Global Business Acumen
•Market Identification
•Revenue Generation & Profit Growth
•Product & Services Development, Pricing & Positioning for International companies in India
•Startups, Software Services, Venture Investing, Web Applications & Solutions
•Strategy: Planning & Execution
•Presentations & Negotiations

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