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Setting up Indian Operations
India is no longer a place of snake charmers as it was once thought to be. The key drivers of business growth in India includes the huge investment potential, lower operating costs, skilled workforce, emerging markets with tremendous business opportunities. India holds a lot of promise with its huge population and growing middle class as a huge potential market. The cost of labour is low, making India an attractive place for many companies that want to establish manufacturing and backend operations in Asia.

India has a population of 1.2 billion people and is an emerging power in the 21st century, and it is forecast to become the 3rd largest economy in the world. India supports a vibrant, pluralistic democracy with an open and free press, providing a reassuring environment for businesses, particularly if compared to some other emerging countries. The growing consumers spending power in India is also a big factor as there is an increase in their disposable incomes and they are looking at more options to spend.

This is where Auriga Logic helps in assisting our clients in setting up their operations in India with focus on advising on entry strategy in India and guiding our clients through the various laws, rules and regulations, taxes etc. We specialise in providing an in- depth business strategy with specific legal issues and global tax minimization with the help of our proficient partners specialising in the field.

We have worked with a lot of investor and international companies and have especially seen that the European and Western companies (mainly the mid size and growing companies) need assistance to set shop in India and do their business. We at Auriga Logic, understand this and build long standing relationships with Global investors & foreign companies wanting to start business and activities in India.

If you are a global company and India is not part of your investment plan, then you are missing out on more than something.
So come be a part of the Big Bang......Come to India.

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